Anselm BradfordGermany, Team applicants, Team Public Domain, USA

Anselm Bradford

anselm-bradford-team-public-domainFront-end web developer passionate about open source projects for government, non-profits, and higher education. Currently developing tools to help protect consumers from misleading and illegal financial practices. Past experience working on social services discovery for Code for America, user research at Imgur, and digital media at AUT University. Lead author on the book HTML5 Mastery and editing experience for major technical publishers, including Apress, O’Reilly, and Peachpit Press.

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Stefano SalvucciItaly, Team applicants, Team Saltilli

Stefano Salvucci

stefano-salvucci-team-santilliStartupper, entrepreneur, coordinator of DOCK3, a preaccelerator hosted in Roma Tre University – winner of the 2nd prize of EUHACKATHON 2015

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Julien VerplankenBelgium, Team applicants, Team Maiton

Julien Verplanken

julien-verplanken-team-maitonStudied to become MSc in applied engineering in computer sciences, after which I started working for several IT companies. I have been a BI professional for about 6 years, before going back to school (part-time) and studying for a MSc (manama) on data science at UGent since september 2015. This topic is yet another chapter in a story of life-long studying.

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Davy CielenBelgium, Team applicants, Team Maiton

Davy Cielen

davy-cielen-team-maitonCoAuthor of “Introducing Data Science” published by Manning. Senior Lecturer Business Analytics at Maastricht School of Management (Maastricht, Netherlands). Adjunct Professor Big Data Science at IESEG School of Mangement (Lille, France). Guest Lecturer at Ecole Supérieur de Commerce Pau (Pau, France). Director at Maiton Data Science (London, Uk). Director at Optimately BVBA (Brussels, Belgium). Chief Technology Officer ProAlliance NV (Antwerp, Belgium). Data Scientist at Major Banks and retailers in Belgium.

Arno MeysmanBelgium, Team applicants, Team Maiton

Arno Meysman

arno-meysman-team-maitonArno Meysman is a driven entrepreneur and data scientist. He is the co-owner with Davy and Mo of Optimately and Maiton, two data science companies based in Belgium and the UK. The main focus of these companies is on strategic big data science, and they are occasionally consulted by many large companies. Arno is a data scientist with a wide spectrum of interests, ranging from medical analysis to retail to game analytics. He believes insights from data combined with some imagination can go a long way toward helping us to improve this world.

Eduardo Graells-GarridoChile, Team applicants, Team Bodoques

Eduardo Graells-Garrido

eduardo-graells-garrido-team-bodoquesEduardo Graells-Garrido is a Research Professor at the Data Science Institute in Universidad del Desarrollo, Santiago, Chile. Previously he was a Researcher at Telefonica R&D Chile, and a PhD intern at Yahoo Labs in Barcelona, where he obtained his degree from Universitat Pompeu Fabra. His current research interests are Urban Computing and Information Visualization.

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Luca ChiarandiniItaly, Team applicants, Team Bodoques

Luca Chiarandini

luca-chiarandini-team-bodoquesLuca Chiarandini received a PhD at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in collaboration with Yahoo! Research Barcelona. He currently works as a Software Engineer at YouTube in Zurich. His main research interests are in the field of social media, data mining, machine learning and human-computer interaction.

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Daniëlle DuijstNetherlands, Team applicants, Team CopyKnights

Daniëlle Duijst

danielle-duijst-team-copyknightsI’m a 22 year old Information Studies Master student from Holland. I have a passion for great User Experiences and User Interfaces. I studied abroad in Malta and did an internship in UX and product management in Malta as well. Besides studying and working, I enjoy all kind of arts, doing different sports like football and making music like singing and playing the piano.

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Adrian ApapMalta, Team applicants, Team CopyKnights

Adrian Apap

adrian-apap-team-copyknightsI am a third year University of Malta student studying for my B.S.c in Information Technology Artificial Intelligence. I am current working on my thesis on biometric analysis for personal identification using retinal fundus images, since i enjoy computer vision related tasks.

Juan BuhagiarMalta, Team applicants, Team CopyKnights

Juan Buhagiar

juan-buhagiar-team-copyknightsCurrently I’m starting my final year for my BSC in AI, I’ll be doing my thesis in the area of Computer Vision which I am very interested in. I was accepted to spend an exchange semester in The Netherlands starting Feb 2017 thanks to the Erasmus programme. I have worked as a Software Development Intern for 3 summers where I have worked on Building automation in my first summer and on a financial platform in the last two summers. I have taken part in other hackathons organised by my university and a company I use to work for.  I’m looking forward for this experience along side my team!

Guilherme Pontes SantosBrazil, Team applicants, Team Fakenl

Guilherme Pontes Santos

guilherme-pontes-santos-team-fakenlI’m a Software Engineer with more than 6 years of experience working with web technologies, currently an expat from São Paulo, Brazil living in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I’m currently interested in data visualisation and functional programming.

Zoltan PuhaHungary, Team applicants, Team Fakenl

Zoltan Puha

zoltan-puha-team-fakenlI am a recent MSc Economics graduate from the University of Amsterdam. My Master’s thesis is about illegal book downloads, where I applied data science on a unique download dataset. Currently, I work as a Data Specialist at Wakoopa, Amsterdam.

Teodóra SzépHungary, Team applicants, Team Fakenl

Teodóra Szép

teodora-szep-team-fakenlI am from Hungary. I have finished MSc Economics at VU University Amsterdam this year. I am very interested in data science and information technology, so I started to learn programming almost  year ago. I am also interested in innovation such as electric mobility and other global issues, like the freedom of information.

Hans Joosep LaheEstonia, Team applicants, Team Kuulilennuteetunneliluuk

Hans Joosep Lahe

hans-joosep-lahe-team-kuulilennuteetunneliluukCurrently I am starting my fifth semester in Informatics at Tallinn University of Technology(TUT). My reason for wanting to participate is the same reason I have designed products, written apps, started making TUT student app/enviroment known as ‘campu’ one year ago. I like to make sketches for apps, then write the code, design data models, I enjoy the process, but more than that I like to create things for others to use, to experience. The excitement or the wow-face that the end-user has when discovering easter-eggs or just finding something worth a reaction on her/his face is the best thing ever. I am active in the local debate club. I also enjoy participating at Model UN and Model EU. My favourite topics are the ones that involve clashes of technology and society. I believe copyright issues is one of the best examples of it. That’s my main reason among many for applying to this Hackathon.

Sven KadakEstonia, Team applicants, Team Kuulilennuteetunneliluuk

Sven Kadak

sven-kadak-team-kuulilennuteetunneliluukCurrently I’m starting my last year of Bachelor’s study (informatics) in Tallinn University of Technology.

During my studies I’ve been involved in several community-related projects as a programmer:
1) Campu – A platform for people involved with TUT. It had so called sub-campus (events, cafe menus, news feed), where people could post updates and get to know what’s happening around them.
Role: back-end (web-, mail-, database servers; Django MVC; data mining/scraping)
2) Märkaja (Noticer) – An Android app for browsing and taking pictures of surrounding issues to draw attention to these problems.
Role: front-end

I’ve also had professional working experience in the industry:
1) Internship in Twilio – Created a collaborative editor using Operational Transformation and Twilio’s real-time state synchronization API Sync.
2) Internship in Swedbank – Created a platform for data warehouse department.
Tech: .NET MVC, SQL, Teradata database

Looking forward to create something awesome!

Pärlin LuhilaEstonia, Team applicants, Team Kuulilennuteetunneliluuk

Pärlin Luhila

parlin-luhila-team-kuulilennuteetunneliluukI am a third year Informatics student in Tallinn University of Technology. Ever since I started writing code, it has become one of my hobbies. I am fascinated by front end development and Javascript in general. I have been involved in different projects including the student app Campu, TUT’s software development club Lapikud and many solo-projects. Campu enabled students to have a good overview of their timetables, events held at the campus and the menus of nearby cafes. I have participated in two internship programs. One for the national newspaper where my job was to create different visualizations for data and interactive solutions for their web stories. The other was for a company creating casino games where I got to work as a front end developer intern. Since data visualization and copyright are both very interesting topics for me, I really wish to participate in the EUHackathon 2016. I am applying with a team as the captain, other members are Hans Joosep Lahe and Sven Kadak.

Chris ContoliniItaly, Team applicants, Team Public Domain, USA

Chris Contolini

cris-contolini-team-public-domainChris Contolini helps economists detect discriminatory lending patterns as a Senior Technology Fellow for a U.S. federal regulator. He previously worked on civil liberty and copyright issues at the Electronic Frontier Foundation. He attended university in San Francisco and Finland and has lived out of a suitcase for the past ten years.

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Dario SantilliItaly, Team applicants, Team Saltilli

Dario Santilli

dario-santilli-team-santilliI’m a DataScientist with a master degree in Computer Engineering, I’m working with many open source technologies and Hadoop+MapReduce is my daily bread.
This is my first hackathon and I cannot wait to have this experience. I want to compare myself with other developers and try to win the first prize (or at least be proud of working together with the other member of my team).

Miroslav KurdovBulgaria, Team applicants, Team CopyDoc

Miroslav Kurdov

miroslav-kurdov-sketchlexFormer IP/IT legal counsel, I’m the founder of SketchLex , a French company that creates infographics on legal subject and especially in the field of Intellectual Property. I already have experience in creating icons and pictograms, some of my work can be seen here:

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Florina Roxana PadurariuRomania, Team applicants, Team TheTicks

Florina Roxana Padurariu

florina-roxana-padurariu-team-theticksI am a Software Engineer at Cmed Technology. I work mostly on web applications using many web frameworks and libraries. I am very passionate about my job and I am interested in learning new things all the time.

Ioana VerebiRomania, Team applicants, Team TheTicks

Ioana Verebi

ioana-verebi-team-theticksI am a Principal Software Engineer for Cmed Technology, working on developing the next generation of web products to reshape the way clinical trials are performed. At the same time, I am a PhD student at the Politehnica University of Timisoara, developing a model based approach to software refactoring. Refactorings are composed of low-level model transformations, making them reusable in different complex refactorings.
I also am a mentor and organizer of Learn IT, Girl, whose goal is to teach women how to write code while doing an awesome project.

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Lucian ManguRomania, Team applicants, Team TheTicks

Lucian Mangu

lucian-mangu-team-theticksI am a multidisciplinary designer currently based in Timisoara, Romania. I believe, that good solutions can only be achieved when everyone involved has the same goal.

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Mihai BalintRomania, Team applicants, Team TheTicks

Mihai Balint

mihai-balint-team-theticksMihai Balint is a Software Technical Lead with Cmed Technology. He is interested in software engineering and maintenance research and has been involved in several publicly funded projects researching software design defects and formal software specification.
Recently he’s been tasked with guiding the design and development of the next-gen browser-based web application suite that Cmed Technology is developing to support the conduct of clinical trials.
In his spare time, Mihai enjoys building open source mobile apps for the benefit of the community (e.g.

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Martin CzyganGermany, Individual applicants, Team CopyDoc

Martin Czygan

martin-czyganI studied computer science and German literature in Leipzig and have been working as a software developer for the last ten years, in various areas such as semantic web, e-learning and web applications. For the past years I have been helping a large scientific library organizing and processing their heterogeneous data with Python, Go and Javascript. I’m the co-author of an introductory data analysis book and have participated in a couple of hackathons, such as Hackday Paris or Hackzurich. Building a prototype with Python, Javascript and D3 for a challenging topic, such as copyright evidence visualising sounds like a lot of fun to me.

Alberto Miedes GarcésSpain, Team applicants, Team WallaTeam

Alberto Miedes Garcés

alberto-miedes-garces-wallateamI’m a last-year computer science student from Spain willing to spend some time hacking on alternative projects with people with my same interests and having the chance to do more practical stuff than the theory which is taught at my university.

I enjoy working and spending time with people from other countries and backgrounds (I’ve been doing volunteering service abroad for the last five summers), working on personal projects and learning skills that aren’t taught at university. Right now I’m learning Ruby and Ruby on Rails so as my final-degree project I can participate in the development of an open source web application maintained by the Madrid city council meant to involve citizens in the town politics and decision-making processes. You can take a look at my personal webpage (

Raúl Piracés AlastueySpain, Team applicants, Team WallaTeam

Raúl Piracés Alastuey

raul-piraces-alastuey-wallateamI’m a Computer Scientist and Engineer from Spain, about to start a Masters Degree at Polytechnic University of Catalonia. I really like to learn new things in my spare time about frontend development, Big Data, Linked Data and Semantic Web. You can have a look at my personal webpage (; there you can find my CV, and some of my personal projects.

I have already participated in a few hackathon events, all in Spain. The first one was FinappsParty in Barcelona, focused on developing bank related IoT solution, where we developed a solution for small business. The second one was Keystone Summer School in Santiago de Compostela, a hackathon centered in Linked and Open Data, where my team won the first prize with a web application that showed information about hurricanes in a world map, obtained from DBPedia.

Ismael Rodríguez HernándezSpain, Team applicants, Team WallaTeam

Ismael Rodríguez Hernández

ismael-rodriguez-hernandez-wallateamI’m a Computer Scientist and Engineer from Spain, about to start a Masters Degree at Polytechnic University of Catalonia. I really like to learn new things in my spare time about frontend development, Big Data, Linked Data and Semantic Web. You can have a look at my personal webpage (; there you can find my CV, and some of my personal projects.

I have already participated in a few hackathon events, all in Spain. The first one was local SpaceApps Hackathon in Zaragoza, where my team won the first local prize with a tool that helps farmer to report natural disasters. The second one was FinappsParty in Barcelona, focused on developing bank related IoT solution, where we developed a solution for small business. The third one was Keystone Summer School in Santiago de Compostela, a hackathon centered in Linked and Open Data, where my team won the first prize with a web application that showed information about hurricanes in a world map, obtained from DBPedia.

Désiré NzengouBelgium, Team applicants, Team CopyDoc

Désiré Nzengou

desire-nzengouEngineering professional with broad skills and experience from working for big players of the digital and technical industry
I am a data enthusiast, educator by heart and nuclear physicist by training, ex-Google and future participant to the “Davos of the Geeks”, the Web Summit 2016 😉
I am currently fully into entrepreneurship through web development and the startup ecosystem.
What drives me? Challenging projects with tight deadlines & hard objectives.

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Roberts DarģisIndividual applicants, Latvia

Roberts Darģis

roberts-dargisComputer Science is my passion – my studies, job and some hobbies are related to that.
Participation in hackathons has been my hobby for almost two years. I participated in 6 hackathons with good success. To 4 of them I went on my own, joining a team at the event. I can do any part of full stack web development and I can also create hybrid mobile apps. I have experience in data processing and machine learning. I’ve been working as research assistant in Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science for more than two years, doing research in different fields of natural language processing. I’m a co-author of 5 scientific publications, indexed in Scopus or Web of Science databases. I’ve been doing web development as a side job from time to time. I have a Degree of Master of Natural Science in Computer Science from University of Latvia and I have applied for doctoral studies this year.

Annett SaarikEstonia, Team Maiton

Annett Saarik

annett-saarikComputer Science student from Estonia, Tartu University. Passionate about programming and technology. Hoping to get new knowledge and friends in the field. Also working on bringing more girls/woman into STEM fields in Estonia.

Diego SaezChile, Team applicants, Team Bodoques

Diego Saez

diegosaezDiego Sáez-Trumper is a Research Scientist at the Data Mining team of Eurecat. Before, he was a post-doctoral researcher at Yahoo! Labs (Barcelona). He obtained his Phd from Universitat Pompeu Fabra (2013) under the supervision of Dr. Ricardo Baeza-Yates. During his PhD he interned at Qatar Computing Research Institute (with Carlos Castillo, 2013), Univeristy of Cambridge (with Jon Crowcroft and Daniele Quercia, in 2012) and Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (with Virgilio Almeida, 2011). His research interests include: Diffusion of information, innovation, and influence in information and online social network; User modeling; Relationship between social and mainstream media; Algorithms on graphs; and privacy issues.