Team Bodoques (3) – Chile/Italy – Copyright Evidence Aggregator

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The Team

Team BodoquesEduardo Graells-Garrido (Chile); Luca Chiarandini; Diego Sáez-Trumper (Italy)

The Project: Copyright Evidence Aggregator + Star Wars Intro to Copyright (Honourable mention by the Jury)

The copyright evidence aggregator is a website that aggregates all the evidence found in the Copyright Evidence Wiki, in the form of an exploratory search interface. Through the exploration of facets and visualizations of copyright, politicians, and people interested in learning about copyright as well, can find evidence related to their needs in terms of topics, entities, temporal evolution and geographical patterns of copyright evidence. Additionally, to show that hackathons are not only about creating a serious tool, we decided to create an introduction to copyright evidence by using a Star Wars inspired introduction that can be seen either in the browser or in a Google cardboard.

Used sources & codes

Simile Exhibit, d3.js, aframe, Jupyter Notebook




Star Wars intro:

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