Team CopyKnights (3) – Malta/The Netherlands – The CopyKnight

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The Team

Team CopyKnightsAdrian Apap; Juan Buhagiar (Malta) & Danielle Duijst (The Netherlands)

The Project: The CopyKnight (Honourable mention by the Jury)

During this hackathon, we tried to tackle the issue most MEP would have when investigating literature regarding copyright evidence. We understand that this is a difficult subject to discuss and therefore we tried to make the data that was compiled about copyright easier for policy makers to explore. Our main feature include:

  1. Filtering through different research based on some criteria;
  2. Building a keyword cloud from each research to quickly grasp the idea behind it;
  3. Obtaining similarity between different articles that are not directly linked together;
  4. A graph of explicitly referenced material; and,
  5. Searching research by keywords.

Used sources & codes

For this project, we have used the Copyright Evidence Wiki, our own Java API and a AngularJS based UI.



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