Team TheTicks (4) – Romania – Speak to Copyright (2nd Prize)

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The Team

Team TheTicks: Ioana Verebi; Roxana Padurariu; Mihai Balint & Lucian Mangu (Romania)

The Project: Speak to Copyright – The natural way to learn about copyright (2nd Prize)

Team TheTicks created a concept application to help everyone navigate copyright legislation.  It uses speech to text recognition to present the users in an easy to understand way.  It’s similar to Siri, but in the domain of copyright, copyright legislation and regulations.

The android app listens for queries on copyright policy and presents studies supporting the query in a flexible and easy-to-access format. Supporting studies are presented using beautiful visualizations which can be easily shareable with friends and colleagues. The goal is to support policy makers with relevant information in an accessible format.

See the presentation and video below.


Used sources & codes

Speak to Copyright is an Android app that uses the the Google API for speech recognition. It performs natural language processing in order to present the users with answers to their questions. It uses different Android libraries and Google charts to present the results in an easy, informative way.



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